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       Matt Banks

Matt has a minor problem separating fantasy from reality. He spends his days playing the RPG Spiders & Swords.

Gomer Dragon Knobsville USA

     Gomer Dragon

Invisible Dragon, Full of insight

and insult. Matt's Best Friend

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Catholic, Music Aficionado, Cartoonist. Tries to maintain gainful employment while creating his art.

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          Mumford Alapbs

( pronounced  A- lop- sis) Jones

    Matt's friend and confidant, Bit of a nerd,

       But strong. 

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   Sgt. Lance Steele

One of the 4 man Knobsville Police Force. Believes every moment of his life should be filmed for police dramas.

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Police officer with Honors. Injured in the line of duty when a 43 flavors opened across the street from Knobsville weight loss center.

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       Edwin Banks

Matt and Meggan's Dad, Upper 40ish, currently having a slight mid life crisis. 

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Owner of A.O.E. " Al Owns Everything". genuinely believes he's a good person.Spends his days with his head in the clouds.

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     Sandee Banks

Matt and Meggan's Mom, Photographer, Cat Lover, Major Muckity Muck for AOE and all around Domestic Goddess.

Knobsville  U.S.A. By Tom Stacy Copyright 2019

Any Likeness to anyone living or dead is completely  coincidental.

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