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Character profile : Alan Scent 

Updated: May 3

Alan Scent of Al Owns Everything, ( or A.O.E. )is an amalgam of a few of the bosses I've had throughout the years. One of my first jobs, the owner had a pizza place, a deli, an ice cream stand, and a hot dog stand. All in the same mall. Being the Eighties, I developed my first Multi millionaire character, as a man called Yen. A Japanese businessman that bought everything he would come into contact with. But to be fair, he was slightly limited as a character, and by today's standards , not nearly rich enough. I decided to combine the personalities of my best sales bosses, with some of the attributes of the modern billionaire culture ( bringing down the level of *$$-holiness of some) to make a tech savvy , own it all, who for the most part isn't actually evil, but is looking for things to keep his brain busy. He does however look at his own bottom line first, and expects people to understand that.

Throughout Knobsville U.S.A, most places will have an Al based name.

Overall Al is a bit flighty since his brain is constantly focused on the next venture / piece of tech until it's completion, but he tends to forget about things once the object or challenge once aquired, and the people who helped him get where he is...


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