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Character Profile : Feedback

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

When it comes down to the one character that I truly related to , I would have to say Feedback. I first brought him to life in the pages of the Falcon Flyer back in 1987. He came about as a result of several jobs in retail that I had early on .

Art and drawing have always been my passion, but I've always had that little bit of fear of success. I know it's odd to fear the outcome of something that hasn't happened yet, but somewhere in the back of my brain I always have....

So I took on many , many sales jobs to fill the void that I created for myself.

Funny thing though, Through all the sales trainings, Team building exercises, and all around retail b.s., No one really goes in depth to the basic attitudes that a lot of customers will have. I truly think if they touched on that, there would be more people that would work harder to avoid it at all costs.

Feedback was raised Catholic, and a lot of that still exists in his head,

but he as an artist sees the world from an entirely different perspective. He loves classic rock and 80s metal. He's absolutely brilliant, in example, he tweaked an old cassette player to do USB, mp3 mp4, and if he can incorporate his phone , he’s willing to give it a shot. He's self reliant, and has sold just about everything while waiting for his big break as an artist/cartoonist, but he doesn't believe he should have to keep working retail, even though he's good at it.

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