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Character Profile : Mumford Jones

Updated: May 5, 2020

To begin, I grew up in the 70s and 80s. So Mumford's first incarnation had a Jerry curl and he had aspirations of being a Cosby kid.... So yeah. Outside of that his story remains unchanged. Mumford's mom Manyana was born into a wealthy family, and she was named by her nanny who was a big fan of the movie Annie. Manyana was disowned by her parents when they found out she was marrying Mumford's father Albert. He was career military and they believed she was marrying beneath her. Manyana was a big fan of Sesame Street growing up, and she saw it as a sign that the woman in the birthing room next door had it on to entertain her other children as she gave birth. She said to herself "I will name my baby after the next character I hear." Seconds later, the Amazing Mumford shouted " A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches! " , and Mumford A.l.p.b.s. (pronounced A Lop Sis) Jones was born. In the years to come Mumford looked back thankfully, realizing he could have been named Snuffy or Elmo and he might not have been ok with that....

Mumford's father and a team of his men accepted a dangerous mission to harvest an alternate fuel source found in a meteorite on the moon, but shortly after arriving, their rocket encountered problems and they became stranded. Because of the secrecy of the mission, no one would acknowledge they were there, and so they were left to their own devices. Posthumously, Albert and his team were ( many years later ) named the first Official unit of Space Force. Manyana still watches the skies for his return, raising Mumford to be the best man she can.

Mumford is one of Matt's best friends, and an avid Spiders and Swords tm adventurer .

He tends to humor Matt about Gomer as he's never really seen him himself.

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