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Character Profile: Sandee And Edwin Banks.

There have been Tales of true Love...

And theirs is one unlike any other... He came from a large family with 5 brothers and sisters an even 3 boys and 3 girls. She grew up in a family business and didn’t have siblings until she was a teenager. They met while they were young, he was 16 and being a natural salesman he worked the weekends at a local amusement park Carnival Barking for the games like Guess your weight, and name that cheese. She had arrived on her senior class trip with some friends. It was a particularly rainy and humid day, and they put him at the front of the park validating two for one tickets (as the brie was getting a bit gross) and she happened to come up looking for change for a locker... He Looked up from the counter, and was smitten in an instant. He said she could have the change, if he could have her phone number. Strangely enough, she gave this mildly creepy guy her actual number. And the rest is history...

They dated off and on for years, and they would have long spans of time where they were with other people and would be put back together as if some push from the universe. Finally they moved in with one another and after a few years decided to get married. By that time She was an executive for Al Owns Everything and he was salesman who was many times her Junior associate. They married with 93 other couples in the center court of Knobsville Mall. It was in celebration of Al’s 94th Billionth dollar,

so he figured he’d share the happy day. Plus He’s been secretly in love with Sandee since their school days when they dated off and on, and wanted her to be happy.

A few years later Matt was born, and Edwin took the time off as Sandee’s income was so much better

But with Meggan, Sandee wants to take the time off to make sure she has more influence on This child’s development.

It Has been a journey of discovery and Love as they grow older together, him as he learns to deal with that no matter what he does he’ll always be seen as older than her (even though he’s not) and he’s starting to look it.

And she consistently second guesses herself, thinking that’s she’s bitten off more than she can chew, even though she’s more than capable of doing and being whatever she wants.

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